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Elvis the Elephant

Elvis the Elephant

Soft and cuddly, your loved one will feel pampered as they sleep.

Mini Epilator

Mini Epilator

Small, dependable, and can be stored anywhere for added convenience.

Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth Earbuds

Quality without the high price. These earbuds are affordable, reliable, and comfortable.

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Infinite247 was created by the same two escape room enthusiasts: Jenny Steele and Roger Daley that founded No Escape Inc. Infinifite247 focuses on bringing you the coolest gadgets sold at No Escape, plus many hard to find items from across the world! With infinite possibilities at your fingertips, we only carry a few select categories and each item is carefully examined by our special team of experts. Originally inspired by products that capture your special memories, we decided to enhance our product line to include items that simply make your life easier.
That’s what inspired Jenny and Roger. Capture memories and making life a little easier. You can make more of almost anything, except time. The majority of our devices will save you time, make you healthier, or make you feel better about yourself.


Infinite 247 and No Escape is dedicated to helping the local community and beyond. We believe our greatest honor and privilege is having the ability to make a difference in our world. It starts with one but will lead to many. At No Escape, we will donate a percentage of our profits to UNICEF and Feeding America. This is just the beginning of our vision to live in a better world. We strongly recognize the worth and dignity of people and believe no one should ever go hungry, especially the young.
As we move forward in our journey to fight hunger, you are invited to post your Acts of Kindness on the No Escape blog called, “Daley News.” Each story will be read and shared. We feel each and every contribution to be a special part of what’s GOOD in the world.