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Premium Stylish Foam Floor Mat | Cushy-Soft & Thick | Waterproof, Easy-to-Clean, Hypoallergenic, Non-Toxic, Reversible, Portable | Baby Play Mat, Yoga Mat, Exercise Mat – Large Black Linen

MORE PRACTICAL THAN INTERLOCKING PUZZLE MATS AND RUGS Our large one-piece 6.5 ft x 4.5 ft x 0.5 in. premium floor mats are designed to look like gorgeous area rugs, but they're softer, easier to clean, won’t shed, and won't accumulate stains or buildup to protect your flooring. They also won’t trap pet hair and dust, which helps keep your home free of common allergens. And unlike interlocking mats, they won't let liquids soak through, or come apart during active play. HALF INCH THICK, SQUISHY SOFT FOAM With a waffle-like surface texture, our mats insulate children from hard floors and little bumps. These are also a perfect alternative to exercise mats. Please note that in order to make sure our mats are non-toxic, PVC-free, and EVA-free, they will not be firm and will not have a rubbery surface as PVC mats do. HIGH QUALITY, WATERPROOF, DURABLE Great as a replacement for area rugs or as an extra cushion on top of your existing rug. Our premium foam mats are NOT like the typical puzzle mat material. They are similar to memory foam with a durable outer layer that is made to last – even durable enough for most pets! We tested many, including the cheaper materials, but we wanted to create a mat that is safe, comfortable and one that will support your child’s growth.